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  • G98/40

    Anyone have one of these?

    If so PM me.

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    Re: G98/40

    I saw one of these in person for the first time recently. It's a neat gun, with beautiful waffenamps and a pristine bore.

    Unfortunately it was sporterized in the 50's sometime so it's only worth a small fraction of what it's value would be if it was left alone.

    I'd really love to see and shoot one in original condition alongside a 98k to get a feel for how they differed in the hands of the soldiers that carried them.

    I always wondered how/why Austria did so many things so differently from the Germans when there are so many things that make the two countries so similar. Frankly, I think that Hitler was pretty well justified to pursue Anschluss and If the Germans ad used diplomatic and financial pressure they could have eventually gotten most of the Sudetenland and Prussia/Danzig corridor back without bloodshed.

    If Hitler had tried to befriend the Poles instead of villianize them, Poland would have been Germany's staunch allies eventually. The poles were very anti semetic, and had fought a pretty bitter war against the soviets in the interwar years.


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      Re: G98/40

      I agree, Hitler had to have known that an invasion of Poland would have triggered the Brits and France into action. Actually they should have done so with the Czechs as they also had a mutual agreement as the Poles did, but they gave Hitler a pass on that one.