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Sarco's Israeli 7.62 Mauser Barrels

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  • Sarco's Israeli 7.62 Mauser Barrels

    I just received the Israeli 98K Mauser barrel I ordered from Sarco for $56.50. It's got a chrome lined bore/chamber and phosphate finish; brand new, dated 11-58 (the month/year I was born!). It has about a .015" step on the breech face, for proper headspacing, I presume. The person I talked to when I placed the order said they were take-offs. Go figure.

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    What do you plan to put your new barrel on?
    I sure wish the Turk Mausers didn't have such a funky set up with their barrels and odd sdized receivers. They would make an ideal rifle to put one of these barrels on. Would make for a real cheap shooter.


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      I have an FN Mauser that I'm going to rebarrel and use the VZ-24 stock set that Sarco sold me ($34.95), as well.

      How are the Turkish Mausers different from the rest?


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        Turks use the smaller thread of the 93 mauser. They had plenty of spare parts when the changed to the m98 style so they had the reciever,s made to fit them.


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          The Israelis' first weapons were 8x57mm Mausers with the original Nazi markings still on them. Later, they had them rebarrelled to 7.62x51mm NATO. Talk about irony; Israelis defending the Jewish state with Nazi surplus rifles still sporting the swastika markings.

          I have a Columbian Army Surplus FN Mauser 98K in .30-06. It's a great shooter. I'd like to add a .308 Mauser to my gun cabinet as well. One of these .308 barrels mated to a VZ-24 receiver should be pretty sweet.


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            Hm, I have a M48 and M48A and wouldn't mind having one or the other rebarrelled into .308. I know the M48 is an intermediate length action, though, so would that be a problem?


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              Dunkel, The intermediate action works quite well with a .308 barrel, but you may have to make a relief cut on the back of the barrel for extractor clearence. I bought a couple of the "new in the white" surplus Israeli .308 barrels a few years ago, (wish I`d got a dozen) and put one on a Yugo M-24, the extractor just barely 'kisses' the barrel face. The other barrel I put on a VZ-24 action and made a "professionals rifle" ala Finn Aagard`s American Rifleman article, and when it`s time to "make meat" that rfle is more than likely the one I`m carrying.
              Regards, Bill