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Three shot trigger attachment

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  • Three shot trigger attachment

    Hi All,
    It's been far to long since I've been to the range and I aim to do something about that very soon, now my question
    I have seen these trigger attachments before and I'm wondering if they work as advertised? is there one brand that seems to work better than others? any problem with using them?
    Weapon is a pre-ban (does that make any difference?) standard Mini-14 still unfired I have 30 and 40 rnd mags (no markings ) and will be going out to Daves to pick up a couple of 20's looking to get out to a range (any recomendations in the Denver metro area?) and shoot up this Maliasian ammo I have and then go from there.
    Thanks for your help, Randy

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    I can't claim to know of any trigger attachments that really work properly. Of all the ones I've heard of, I'd guess the crank designs would work better than the spring versions. Either way, I really can't recommend any of them.

    Besides - you really want to go out and make sure your rifle really likes all your mags first.
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      Thanks Bill, I was thinking they seemed like gimick