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  • 180 series question

    Just picked up a 180 series mini 14 dated 1975. it has a threaded barrel with a1 flash hider. my question is about the bolt and extractor. I went out to fire 10 rnds. the bolt failed to seat all the way to the front with two of the ten. does anyone else have a mini this old and how do I fix it?

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    Had one and I don't really remember. I had the barrel changed to a shillen as soon as I got it. Check tension on the extractor. Could be the bolt return spring but I never changed mine and I do not remember ever having a problem like that. The round is in the chamber but the bolt does not go fully into battery, right? It has to be an extractor problem. Or the bolt return spring is worn down and does not have enough "oomph" anymore.


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      Will the rounds cycle in by hand without any extra resistance? If so, I'd second the idea of swapping in a new recoil / op rod spring.
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        After reading the last two posts, I think it probably is the op.spring. do you know where I can get one for this gun? the rod end has a small nipple where it fits the receiver,different from my other minis. I don't think new manufacture would fit.


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          Here she is. still looking for handguard.took her out of the original stock, because it was so nice(didn't want to ruin it!)


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            Op rod springs should be an interchangeable part. Check the rear of the brownells catalogue, it will list common parts. If it is common, get a wolf spring or even a spring kit and change 'em out.


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              Thanks! I'll do that