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After 20 years of mini ownership...

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  • After 20 years of mini ownership...

    ...I finally located some genuine Ruger magazines.

    Found them at a small gunshow this weekend in Mobile, AL. Cost was $40 each for slightly used mags, and $60 for NIB. I picked up three.

    Having just recently moved to FL from SoCal, these things have been unavailable at any price.

    Just thought I'd share the joy

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    I hope they weren't 5 rounders


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      Made it out to the range yesterday to try them out.

      Note the Ram Line buckhorn-type rear sight. I like it much better than the factory peep, which blocks too much of the view.

      Another first, tried Wolf brand ammo. It functioned without incident, and appeared to have the same POI as the handloads I used. For only $1.99 per box, will keep using it for plinking.


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        It looks like you have something blue wrapped around the handguard. What is that?
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          That is a green velcro band, which is what holds the pressure switch for the laser.

          I don't take the laser sight seriously, though. It has a poorly designed barrel mount, and transfers heat directly to the laser.

          It was purchased on the last day of the last SOF Convention to ever be held, so I guess that it has sentimental value or something.

          This rifle has followed me around the country quite a bit. The rifle itself was purchased in '84 or '84 at the Detroit Light Guard Armory gun show for $240 brand new. The Choate stock was purchased near Westminster, CA at a small gunstore around '92. The gun case was purchased at the San Diego gun show last year from the notoriously unprofessionally run ASPI Tactical.

          Shown in the picture are actually some el-cheapo CDNN purchased "no-name" mags that I was curious to see if they actually worked. They did.

          The spotting scope was worth its weight in gold. A Tasco would have worked just as good, but I had money to burn a few years ago and so purchased a Leupold. More due to snob appeal than any gain in performance over cheaper brands.