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Just got me a Mini 14

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  • Just got me a Mini 14

    Hello to all,

    Great forum you have here. I have a question about,
    you guessed it, mags. I am in the richmond va area
    and was wondering if gun shows were a good place to
    find actual Ruger 30 and 20 rd mags? In the meantime i have purchased what I beleive to be a 30rd John Masen mag. On the site,, I found one for $20 called a black warrior. Is this liget? Most other sites have them for $30-$40 and don't mention "black warrior". Anyway, glad to be aboard and thanks in advance for any help.


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    If you would like. I could PM you with a site that has Ruger factory 20 round mags, new, for $35.00 plus shipping. Let me know.


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      Please do.



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        302X.......PM sent


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          I'm hoping that Promag and Masen will be providing reasonably priced high-caps in quanitity soon. Until then just be patient and shop well.
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            I saw an add today for 20 round Pro mags going for $30.00 and 30 rounders going for $35.00. I hope the prcies will go down. At that cost, may as well buy factory mags.


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              I just bought a Mini in stainless. This is my first mini although I have been shooting for 40+ years and reloading for 30.

              Can anyone tell me the rate of twist for this gun?

              Also how many rounds to break one in?

              I plan to use mine for IPSC 3 gun matches. Does anyone else play this game?