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    Hello to all. Heard some news...just wanted to see if anyone else may have heard same or different. We're all seeing the higher priced pre-ban firearms sort of "crashing" price-wise with the possible sunset of the AW ban. I heard Ruger will now mandate that LE/Govt entities NOT allow further GB models/AC models of the MINI-14 to transfer into the public sector as a result of P.D./Gov't trades. IF this is so, this means that the GB models (AC models hold their own) SHOULD maintain their slight premium they command in the market from this point on and after (if) the ban sunsets. Anyone heard the same? This info came from a very reliable source on my end. Opinions anyone?

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    I've not heard his and I don't see how Ruger could 'Mandate' the actions of any LE/Gvmnt. entity. If they told them they "would not sell to them unless.." most would say 'now we can finally get those AR's we've been wanting'. Don't want the 'Military' look for your patrol officers? Then there's the Kel-Tec SU-16, small, folds for storage, magazine compatibility with your SWAT units and carries it's own spare mag.
    Ruger is not really in a position to mandate anything, right now they need to be looking at doing what they can to keep the contracts they have
    If it is true however it will spell the end of Ruger as a firearms Company, remember the S&W boycott?
    "I was talking to the man upstairs, saying 'God, please keep us safe,' and putting some rounds downrange...." --Staff Sgt. Bruce Jones



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      Ruger can't mandate anything the only people that can mandate stuff would be the FEDs and thats only on the weapons they distribute through various programs. There is no advantage to the GB models for government work, in my opinion. I joke about the watch commander telling us to fix bayonets. The sight radius is shorter and the flash suppressor doesn't help us in law enforcement much. Our last batch of Mini's were ranch rifles. Ruger is very pro law enforcement and happy to have LE customers. They don't charge(law enforcement) for their armorer schools and will fast track any repairs for us. I don't see them restricting anything but magazines and I don't see how they are going to do that. They may try to restrict the sale of newly manufactured hi caps to LEOs but I don't see how they can do that. Come 9-14 all the LEO hicaps are saleable to anyone.


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        Well...I guess what I heard is utter B.S. then...I agree with both of you. Thanks for the input.


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          Glad it is BS, cause I want me a GB model bad!