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NDM-86 Range Report: Part II

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  • NDM-86 Range Report: Part II

    Rifle: NDM-86 (.308) w/PSOP 8x42D scope & Russian black plastic furniture.

    Ammo: Georgia Arms "Canned Heat" 168gr match.

    Weather: *No* wind for nearly 2 hours! Overcast & cool, no mirage, nearly ideal shooting conditions! (Had I known I would have brought the Black Hills 168gr Moly Match!)

    Disclaimers: Barrel was not cleaned at any time during the session and I had a bit of trouble settling down/relaxing (only the 2nd time I've fired this rifle and my long-range skills are definitely rusty...)

    Spotting scope: New Yukon 6-100x w/100mm objective lens. Surprisingly good for the price ($275), can see 7.62mm Shoot-N-C holes at 500m but *very* sensitive to vibration, probably best used w/a good stand-alone tripod (just sitting at the bench where I had it set up was enough to cause constant image movement).
    Laser Rangefinder: New-Optik 1500LRM, gave good performance against varied terrain out to about 600yds but past that needs a good reflective target. I'm satisfied w/it.

    I'd only planned on doing my final 100yd sight-in now that I have my laser rangefinder but with such perfect weather I decided to push to 500m even though I only had the Georgia Arms budget match ammo with me.

    100yd Sight-In:
    I fired 6 3-shot groups, their sizes were (CTC)
    .9", .8", .7", 1.7" (I pulled the flier on that one), .24"(!) and .6".
    The .24" group was *very* encouraging and hints at what the NDM-86 could be capable of w/the right shooter & ammo!

    Now it was time to push it to 500m. 3 shots on the 500m gong (which, btw, is 12" and not 18" as I mistakenly reported earlier) indicated I was close enough to being on target at that range to try for group size. I used a large Shoot-N-C bullseye to make it easier to make out hits w/the spotting scope although it probably wasn't the best choice for really accurate shooting.
    I wanted at least 3 3-shot groups at 500m but the wind started to make its appearance. I fired 4 3-shot strings with the following results: .5"(!) (only 2 of the 3 hit paper, the 3rd was to the left and off target due to wind but still that's 2 shots only 1/2" apart at 500m!), 4.58" (w/only .5" vertical dispersion), 5.55" and 1.32" (again, 2 shots on target w/the 3rd off target due to wind).

    Overall I'm *extremely* pleased w/the potential displayed by the NDM-86! With more practice, a better scope & top-of-the-line match ammo I have to wonder just what this rifle is truly capable of! This rifle is definitely a keeper!
    The maximum range I can safely shoot at my range is about 850yds so sometime next week I'm going out w/my target buddy SAM (Shoot At Me!) w/his stylish laser-reflective tinfoil hat to see if the NDM-86 can do "one shot-one kill" at 850yds. Stay tuned!...

    PS- In order to post I had to crop a couple of the larger group size pics as well as the shot of the spotting scope & laser rangefinder.
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  • #2 want to cut the groups in half???
    get off the fricken wood bench and go to ground !


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      Originally posted by BOLTRIPPER: want to cut the groups in half???
      get off the fricken wood bench and go to ground !
      Thx! I plan to the moment my SVD bipod arrives!...
      "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." - Thomas Jefferson