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Latest AR Build - DPMS LR-308

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  • Latest AR Build - DPMS LR-308

    My Expensive Outdoor Shooting Club has a 600yd Range. So I might as well use it.
    The Build consists of:
    DPMS LR-308 Stripped Lower w DPMS Lower Parts Kit.
    DPMS LR-308 Smooth Side Railed Complete Upper w/ Free Float Aluminum Handguard and Railed Gas Block, 24" SS Fluted Bull Barrel
    DPMS LR-308 Black Phosphor Bolt Carrier Group Assembly
    DPMS Panther Tactical Palm Grip
    Magpul 308 PRS w DPMS Rifle Buffer, Rifle Spring and A2 Rifle Buffer Tube
    Magpul 308 PMAG
    Harris 6-9" Bench Rest Bipod
    Optics to Come....

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    Re: Latest AR Build - DPMS LR-308

    Nice. I like IOR Valdota glass.
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      Re: Latest AR Build - DPMS LR-308

      I have the DPMS 308 as well, I love the rifle. My only complaint is the trigger is probably around 5-6 pounds. You can get an after market drop in double stage trigger for around $200, from various makers. it's worth the money in my opinion. Let us know what optics you choose


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        Re: Latest AR Build - DPMS LR-308

        What optics did you put on yours?

        I have a Nikon 3x9 40mm Prostaff for now. After I recover from the cost of this build (just over $1500) I'm considering a Hi-LUX Leatherwood M-1200 6x24 50 Camputer ART Scope


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          Re: Latest AR Build - DPMS LR-308

          If you ever want to put a freefloat rail system on that I happen to have one laying around.

          You might find yourself having to put an extension rail on the upper though, just to clear the eye relief on a conventional sniper scope. My dream gun on that platform would have the .308 version of the Acog, but I think that would cost more than the rifle you mount it on.
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