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carbine stock/handguard replacements

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  • carbine stock/handguard replacements

    Where can I find a nice walnut USGI replacement handguard/stock set for my latest carbine find? I ended up with a nice Underwood from gunbroker that someone had thoughtfully cut the wings off the front sight. That's been replaced but the original stock has been varnished and the handguard rivets are loose. It ought to make a great addition and shooter for my wife but I want to get it looking good before I give it to her. TIA. Lee
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    Re: carbine stock/handguard replacements

    If it's for your wife and you are not trying to restore it to USGI correct, try Boyd's. My Bride likes the way they look, regardless of the history. I'm not sure if you can get decent wood from CMP. Campy would know. Good luck.
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      Re: carbine stock/handguard replacements

      Lee, GoodOldGuy stated it as it is. No CMP Carbine wood is available (going by the Garand take-offs I've seen for sale at Camp Perry, unless you were in need of firewood you wouldn't want even those!).

      Boyd's is good for everything but authenticity.

      For USGI lumber, you might try Northridge, The Dupage Trading Company or perhaps Reese Surplus.

      I've dealt withall three and enjoyed the service and products.

      Also, Numrich and Ebay are good sources for USGI M1 Carbine lumber and parts...but, do NOT buy anything based on "rare collector status" on Ebay. Usually, it's a scam or fake. Common parts with little or no collector value (like an Inland low wood stock) are usually the real deal.

      You can find thousands of Model 1903 and 1903A3 handguards today. I'm sure the same holds true for the Carbine. There should be USGI N.I.B. units still out there on the market if you search for them.
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        Re: carbine stock/handguard replacements

        Thanks, Campy. I called Reese this morning. The lady who took my order was taken by my building my wife a carbine and ended up getting me and Underwood buttplate and a nice USGI walnut stock/handguard set that isn't an M2 but had the cuts routed out for it so it will look like a regular M-1 stock. Also a gas piston, gas piston nut, and cosmoline covered new in the pkg bayonet lugged barrel band. Nice folks to deal with.
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          Re: carbine stock/handguard replacements

          Good luck with those parts. Reese usally is a cut above the EBAY liars and scammers and darned reasonable to boot.

          I've bought mainly .22 military rimfire training rifle lumber from them (Winchester 52D and 75...Remington 40x and 513T) and some misc. hardware. Always as advertised with reasonable shipping and courteous service.

          Dupage and Northridge have also done good by me. Numrich is one of my solid dealers and Sometimes Sarco and Interordnance come thru for me.