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Who here has an AR-15 in 9mm?

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  • Who here has an AR-15 in 9mm?

    There is a new product on the market that I just read about (don't know how I missed this one) just for the 9mm AR15. has a mag insert that replaces the 9mm mag block in your lower. Its called the EndoMag.

    Their new invention replaces the internals of the Magpul Pmag with a device that allows you to load 9mm into the Pmag..
    This way there is NO need for a mag block anymore. The adapter has an ejector and feed ramp built-in. It will actuate the AR's bolt hold open on last rd.
    Comes originally with a 10rd limiter, but has markings for 15, 20, and 30. You just snip off the limiter. They are also incredibly affordable at $30 each.

    The ONLY down side I have read about is if you have a loaded chamber and you remove the magazine, then cock the gun to check or eject the live rd, there is nothing to eject the round and it will/could rechamber the live rd.

    The ONLY concern that I have read about is that the built-in ejector is plastic. Some have already shot hundreds through their mag and said that it looks like the ejector hasn't even been touched.

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    I don't have one. I'd like to get a CMMG Banshee, but it has a dedicated Glock magwell. I'd rather just buy Glock mags than fool around with gizmos.

    You can get those Elite Tactical clear mags that hold 31 rounds of 9mm for $20 bucks. G17 32 round mags aren't much more.
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      I have a Palmetto Glock lower 9mm. While the adapter shown above is neat, I could see a kaboom or two either from inserting this in a standard upper and trying to fire a 9mm through a 5.56 barrel, or loading a 5.56 in a 9mm. Some one out there would do so.


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        I have a 9mm upper for my SBR'd lower. I use a mag well insert from Hahn Industries and Uzi mags that have been adapted for bolt hold open. The insert is held in by the regular mag release and a set screw that pushes a roller against the inside of the front of the mag well. I had to go with an insert instead of dedicated lower since the lower registered as another caliber.
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          Once owned a colt DEA model. I would punch the roll pins out and use a .223 upper. Put in the mag adapter and return the pins for 9mm action. Colt up and decided to screw the end users and discontinue the green label's and change the pin sizes so civilians couldn't use any military parts. The company claimed individuals were making full auto's out of their pattern. (Highly illegal) I dumped their garbage and you couldn't give me a colt to this day. Screw them.

          If I want to use a pistol caliber in a rifle/carbine it will be the PTR, that is a company that when the laws changed said Screw you and got out of the state with the restrictions.
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            I have a colt ar in 9mm. It is a former Leo gun and so marked. It runs well for me. Thx-Ace