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What is a NHM-90

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  • What is a NHM-90

    I have a Norinco AK that is a NHM-90. What does the NHM mean ? How is it different from a MAK-90 ?

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    Re: What is a NHM-90

    I don't think anyone really knows the correct answer to this one. The NHM90 and NHM91 rifles have been discussed many times over the years.

    NHM has been said to stand for National Heavy (bbl.) Match. I know of no evidence to support this.

    However, Norince manufactured and imported several variants clearly marked "National Match" (the famous "Precision Degree Rifle" series).

    Even the owner's manual makes no mention of the nomenclature:

    NHM series rifles came with the USA-made furniture of Hackberry (common) or Beech (rarely seen) by Boyds or Bishop.

    The differences that separate the NHM series from the more common MAK90 is the USA wood set, the supposedly heavier bbl. contour and often the welded-on muzzle device. The NHM90 had a 16" bbl. and is usually seen with an odd pipe-like muzzle device that functions as neither a brake or a flash suppresor (it resembles a piece of pipe about 2" long).

    The NHM91 has a 20" bbl. and was usually marketed with no muzzle device or a muzzle nut tack-welded over a threaded muzzle. The bbl. contiur on the 91 variant is heavier than a stanard AKM

    A MAK90 could be had in both milled and stamped receiver variants. AFAIK all NHM variants were built on stamped receivers and imported by China Sports (C.S.I.).


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      Re: What is a NHM-90

      Thank you ,sir.