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The Event Chapter #2

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  • The Event Chapter #2

    The Event – Chapter 2
    8/1/2012-5:58 pm Eastern: Bernice Dickson, known as ‘BeBe’ to her friends, was out on her daily late-afternoon walk. Since she retired 20 years ago she’s kept up this routine. At first she covered nearly 5 miles a day, 6 days a week. More recently she’s been able to cover about 6 blocks before turning back. Even with the cane she must now use she’s thankful she can get around at all. Many of her friends are stuck inside the retirement home all day every day since they can no longer get around very well. “They should’ve taken my advice,” she thought to herself. “If they had gotten off their asses they wouldn’t be forever stuck on them.” She grinned. “I can be such a card sometimes.”

    BeBe puttered along down the sidewalk. Just as she got to the corner something really odd happened, it got dark. BeBe looked up to see what cut off the light above her. Expecting to see a really big cloud or plane or something she was startled to see the sun itself went dark. She looked directly into the sun for the first time since she learned that doing so was never a good idea.

    Every other person out that day also noticed the change from full sun to almost complete darkness. Jamaal was distracted by the sudden change in light. As he was about to make the right turn onto Main St. it happened. He looked up and out to see if something was about to hit his beater ride. As people tend to do he turned where he was looking.

    Bebe’s next thought was one of pain, intense all-pervading pain. The beater ride knocked her to the ground then dragged over her until it came to a stop with the muffler pinning her head to the concrete.

    It took a while for Jamaal to look under his car to see if any damage had occurred. It took him even more time to recognize what was stuck to the bottom of his ride. With that realization he knew he had to ditch his crack pipe and fast.


    The dimming of the sun lasted 82 seconds, which was bad enough but in the last 3 seconds before it came back on again a flood of sand sized particles hit the upper atmosphere.

    Don Cooper was at home eating dinner when the darkness came. Since he was a grad student studying such things he didn’t need but 3 seconds to get into action. Whipping out his smart phone Don went outside, turned the thing on to maximum magnification then steadied his hands on the fence. What he recorded would make his career; or would have if he hadn’t died a little while later.

    As the wave streaked into the upper atmosphere most of the sand sized particles burned up--mostly. Even in the daylight streaks of burning light could be seen from horizon to horizon. Most particles could be seen winking out. Some however made it all the way to the ground. One of these was tracked by the smart phone, getting larger and larger until it connected with Don.

    Don scarcely noticed the burning sensation across his arm as the particle buzzed past. The sand sized grain had burned down to only a few atoms thick by the time it got to him. The energy it had created was just awesome however. Three minutes later Don dropped the smart phone as he bent over and threw up his dinner. His mind couldn’t comprehend what he felt or why. His back muscles involuntarily flexed snapping his back. More muscles flexed, back and forth his head went with violent jerking motions until his neck broke.


    8/5/2012: NewsSiteJunkie was doing the rounds of her favorite websites. Three days after what people were calling ‘The Event’ there was still wall to wall coverage. She clicked from her favorites list of discussion forums hoping that someone, somewhere would know what actually happened. The speculation was wide and varied, but was just that speculation.

    Lots of video popped up on the news sites and U-tube showing the darkening sun then the rain of particles that all hit the atmosphere at once. The estimates of how many particles actually hit the Earth ranged widely from 10K to more than a million. The death toll from actual hits was estimated to be very light, less than 100 people ‘Wow, what a way to go,’ she thought.

    The head of the federal government was almost useless in providing any kind of answers. It was evident after listening to his most recent speech, the president had no idea what happened nor had a clue what to do next. He had to fall back on the only thing he could in an election year, blame Bush for not funding this or that.

    Some of the news hounds on a couple of news forums found an obscure report from a small observatory that a ‘rip’ in the sun was detected just before the sun went dark. The ‘rip’ appeared as a black wavy line roughly 15,000 miles across the equator of the sun. A mass or cloud of material blew outward. They thought it was a fluke that it happened to be pointing directly at the earth.

    The particles came in one giant wave which explains why only the Northern hemisphere of America took the hit. People all over the world were ecstatic by what happened. They hated the USA with such a passion they hoped it would’ve done even more damage. NewsSiteJunkie was just glad she wasn’t affected by this thing. Many people thought there was a religious angle to The Event but not her, she knew there was no God so completely discounted this angle.

    She was very interested in one forum thread that discussed a thin ultraviolet beam of light that quickly zipped into the sun before the rip appeared. She watched the video of the light as it hit the sun right before the rift opened up. She guessed it was taken from some sort of satellite orbiting the earth. If she could see what happened how come the government couldn’t? She decided to send them an email about what she discovered.

    A few moments later she got an auto-reply message from the White House for helping them understand her perspective on what happened. Six seconds later her hard drive failed.


    8/5/2012: Agent Cooper wasn’t very happy with his assignment. He was checking on hits from the Echelon program that was looking for references to the beam of light traveling to the sun. So far he’d shut down ½ a dozen websites, along with about 125 individuals computer’s with his handy dandy viruses.

    Echelon was a remarkable system run by the NSA, it could pull in all electronic communication of any type in real time. When it got a ‘hit’ agent Cooper would look at what was said, the context, then decide what to do about it. He had just zapped NewsSiteJunkie’s computer to keep her from passing around the information she’d just learned.

    A few seconds later in came a new hit; also from NewsSiteJunkie. She was making a cell phone call to her mother. Agent Cooper listened in to what she was saying in real time. And he didn’t like what he was hearing. ‘Oh boy,’ he thought, ‘this chick doesn’t know when to stop talking.’ He tapped a few commands into his keyboard then hit the return key. ‘That should take care of that,’ he grinned to himself.
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    Re: The Event Chapter #2


    NewsSiteJunkie heard her doorbell ring so went to answer it. Two police officers stood there with grim faces. They arrested her in short order. They told her the charges were conspiracy to commit terrorist acts. Her tears as well as pleas of innocence didn’t sway the cop’s cold hearts.

    14 hours later NewsSiteJunkie was in a processing line with a least 150 other people. She was stunned to see her mom in the line with her. Her mom, shaken and sobbing asked where they were. NewsSiteJunkie told her they were at the Guantanamo Bay prison. She then broke down too, praying to God for salvation.


    Agent Cooper was really busy over the next few days reviewing the increasing backlog of information. He saw one entry from someone’s smart phone journal that piqued his interest. He entered the carrier code: 121585-F883FOR009-4477310165G A1.
    SmartPhone Date 8/1/2012-This is Grantbo: Wow the Event is beginning!! I just saw what looks like a whole bunch of little meteorites falling down all over the place. This is exactly what Dr. Zon said would happen. Damn, I wish I hadn’t pushed that button now. How was I to know? I thought what he was telling me was all just BS.

    Agent Cooper decided to do a search for a Dr. Zon in the NSA data base. He got more than 20 hits for this name. ‘Oh boy,’ Agent Cooper thought, ‘this is gonna take an awful lot of research.’ His shift was ending so he sent an email for a researcher in another department to look into it.


    8/1/2012: Specialist Gonzalez couldn’t believe that just one communications satellite survived the micro-meteors, especially since every single satellite that happened to be sitting between the USA and the sun was destroyed. What made this one so special? He didn’t know. What he did know was that trying to keep it in orbit was an effort in futility. The Colonel standing over his shoulder had been very insistent that this particular satellite be saved. No other details were forth coming.

    Hours passed as the specialist tried everything he could think of to stop the satellite from losing altitude. It’s too damaged to save, he told the Colonel. So the tactic was changed to splash it in the ocean. Spec Gonzalez wondered why not just make it burn up on re-entry. The Colonel told him it’s too heavily shielded so no matter what angle or speed it’ll survive reentry.

    Spec Gonzalez knew right then that the rumors of a ‘special warfare’ satellite were true. Rumors and scuttlebutt floated around from time to time that the military had things up there that were just too dangerous to have on Earth.

    He also realized that he was now a dead man. There was no way he’d be let out of there alive now that he knows the truth. Spec Gonzalez suddenly figured out how his life could have meaning. If he was going to go down, he was going to go out in a very big way.

    He set the satellite into a slow unrecoverable spin. He then disabled the command codes after ordering the satellite into a free-fall. He expected it to land somewhere in Northern Kansas.

    He hoped whatever the thing carried it wouldn’t spread to his beloved Mexico.

    Spec Gonzalez was absolutely right, he didn’t make it out of the base alive.


    8/5/2012: Bubba not only saw the meteor land over on Mr. Watkins field, he heard and felt the shockwave. Damn he thought, that was much larger than the little ones that landed last week.

    He didn’t have to make any calls to his neighbors to come out since they saw and felt the thing hit. By the time he got to the meteor hole there was a crowd surrounding it. A couple of teens were in the hole picking through the wreckage which clearly wasn’t a meteor, but some sort of satellite wreckage. NASA was clearly written on the outside along with a large symbol.

    Somebody called out that there is a bio-hazard symbol on the side of the thing. Someone else wondered aloud why the skin of the spacecraft was more than 1’ thick?

    One of the teens disappeared for a few moments, to eventually emerge with a couple of metal canisters. He threw them up to the rim for people to pass around and examine.

    Bubba took one of the cylinders, popped the lid then looked inside. Not too interesting he thought, just some creamy goo.

    It only took a little while before the screams began in earnest.


    When Officer Joe Simms got to the site of satellite crash he encountered a horrific sight. More than 60 people were on strewn around the hole, not moving. A few people were still standing but walking aimlessly.

    Blood was everywhere. It was downright ghastly!

    He was smart enough not to get too close to whatever was happening. It appeared to him that people’s eyes had burst. Others had huge swelling around their necks which included lots of blood as well.

    Getting on the radio he made the call to the dispatcher detailing what he saw.

    Unfortunately for Officer Simms he was standing downwind of the hole. In a few minutes his eyes began to itch.
    Grantbo's Misadventures: 40 stories of when Grantbo's life when horribly wrong >>