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  • GOA alerts need your action

    Follow this link to take action on 4 issues dealing with gun control -

    Barack Obama is at it again.

    Last month, his Justice Department set out to use the military and law enforcement as an experiment in gun control.

    Then, his State Department recently moved to put gunsmiths out of business.

    He knows that his days in office are numbered.

    So he is using every conceivable opportunity to screw gun owners and impose greater firearms restrictions before he leaves office.

    “Dumb Guns” Make People Less Safe

    The American people don’t want so-called smart gun technology.

    The military and police certainly don’t either.

    But the President’s Justice Department issued proposed regulations in July that aim to arm our “men in blue” with politically correct weapons that could very well get them killed in emergencies.

    I’m talking about weapons that are rigged with some kind of recognition technology that would jeopardize lives when batteries fail or when a fingerprint doesn’t unlock the firearm.

    This is a horribly stupid idea -- and it is going to cost innocent lives.

    Gun owners should take note that forcing military and law-enforcement to carry these unsafe guns is only the first step.

    You and I will be next -- as the ultimate goal is to outlaw all guns currently on the market.
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    Re: GOA alerts need your action

    Originally posted by Floyd View Post
    Follow this link to outlaw all guns currently on the market.
    No linky? See Floyd.

    None a my guns got that garbage on them. I'd prefer mine go to Patriots in general or ner-do-wells what got a problem with general a holes. I'm sure there's way more a holes in government positions than a hole badges and that's just one county. Per the last election there's at least 300 counties in the USA.
    Grumpy Old Fart