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  • Dems Support Wall

    But in the wake President Trump visiting the border to make his case, many Democrats are breaking with leadership and now say they support a wall.
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    Nobody ever said ALL Democraps were stupid or politically suicidal. Seems there are a rare few that value the COUNTRY and their worthless jobs more than their leadership.


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      There is absolutely no reason a wall should not be built along the southern border. The only ones opposed to it are unscrupulous bleeding hearts that thing America can absorb millions of illegal immigrants and still survive, and democratic politicians that know they will be losing a LOT of votes should the brown wave ever be stopped.
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        Things are getting interesting. I think, the longer this shutdown drags on, the more irate people will get, but the question is: Will they direct more of their anger at Trump or at those who won't release the wall money?

        If public opinion swings heavily against the blockers in congress then Trump will have won the standoff - a bunch of them, seeing the way the wind is blowing and thinking of their own re-election prospects, will suddenly decide to back releasing the wall money.
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