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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Abortion up to Birth!

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  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Abortion up to Birth!

    New York Gov. Cuomo: No budget unless abortion made legal for any reason until birth

    By Samuel Smith, CP Reporter

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is refusing to sign the state’s budget unless the legislature passes a bill that makes abortion up until birth for any reason legal in the state. He is also calling on the legislature to enshrine abortion as a right guaranteed in the state constitution.

    While delivering a pro-abortion speech at Barnard College in Manhattan with former first lady Hillary Clinton at his side, the 61-year-old Democrat vowed not to support the 2019-2020 state budget legislation until the state legislature approves the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act.

    Cuomo’s vow comes after Democrats retook control of the New York Senate in the 2018 midterm elections. The vow also comes as the Trump administration has worked to advance pro-life policies.

    Now that conservatives have a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, some abortion-proponents fear the possibility that a Supreme Court decision could one day overturn Roe v. Wade.

    “The Republican senate said, ‘You don’t need a state law codifying Roe v. Wade. No administration would ever roll back Roe v. Wade,’” Cuomo said, according to The New York Times. “So help me God, this was the conversation.”

    According to the language of the Reproductive Health Act: “Every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child or have an abortion.” The act would also remove abortion from the state’s penal code.

    According to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, the bill has passed the Democrat-controlled Assembly in the past but has stalled for over a decade in the Republican-led senate. Many conservatives in the senate objected to the fact that it included language that would allow non-doctors to perform late-term abortions.

    The newspaper reports that the legislature is expected to approve the bill on Jan. 22, which is the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

    “As many of you know, the Governor is pushing again for abortion through birth and even after with so-called ‘Reproductive Health Act.’ Now he has an anti-Life Democrat-led Senate to help him get it through,” New York State Right to Life campaign warned on Facebook Wednesday.
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    What's next, really really late term abortions up to the age of 21?


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      Originally posted by MikeG View Post
      What's next, really really late term abortions up to the age of 21?
      The Left already has a term for it. It's called After Birth Abortion; and they're serious!

      The following is from a 2012 article. The argument that you are probably already sick of hearing from the Left about when does life begin is now advanced to when does "personhood" begin? :

      Just when you thought the religious right couldn’t get any crazier, with its personhood amendments and its attacks on contraception, here comes the academic left with an even crazier idea: after-birth abortion.

      No, I didn’t make this up. “Partial-birth abortion” is a term invented by pro-lifers. But “after-birth abortion” is a term invented by two philosophers, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva. In the Journal of Medical Ethics, they propose:
      [W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible. … [W]e propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus … rather than to that of a child. Therefore, we claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk.


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        Were I wanting to be radical about it, I'd suggest that some "Post-Birth" abortions might be appropriate in some circumstances.

        Since I've got a whole lot more respect for life than Governor Cuomo has, I'd never suggest something like that, but it's the logical extension of his policies.

        Just saying................
        Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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          I read about this earlier today and was disgusted. What kind of sick mind could justify this? I'm not a Pro Lifer but although I believe that life is sacred, I also believe that their are valid and legitimate reasons to have an abortion. Rape, incest, disease, save the mothers life, etc. Things like that. However,
          "Buyers Remorse" ain't on that list!!! What kind of sick mind could do that kind of job all day? Right up to birth?. Those babies will scream!!!


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            The kind of mind or ideology that can come up with this is the same kind that could and still can devise a Final Solution. It's not a coincidence that the Left supports abortion and euthanasia along with gun control and universal healthcare. The NAZI's did all of this.

            I'm not saying that they are going to stupidly wear swastikas or put on brown shirts but you don't have to look very hard to see the parallels. You just have to look.

            I think they are tired of pretending that their us and they appear to be moving more decisively towards making us conform to them.


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              Perhaps it should be only allowed for Democrats? I can see where thinning that herd might be beneficial....
              When they ask me, "Paper or plastic?" I just say, "Doesn't matter to me. I am bi-sacksual."

              Texan by choice, not accident of birth


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                Is it too early to start drawing up my list of POST Birth Abortions I would like to see?

                1. Hitlery Klintooon

                2. Billy Klintoon

                3. etc. etc........................


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                  "Life of the Mother" is used more as an an excuse than a reason when it comes to abortion. After six moths, if the mother is healthy there is no reasonable argument that can be made for aborting a baby.

                  What Cuomo's law would do is push a legal definition further along onto the slippery slope that has already been trespassed. This will open the door to the next philosophical argument by the Left for terminating life after birth. If the Left can define a person under the law they can legally define when each of us ceases to be a person while we are still alive. This will philosophically unify the abortion and euthanasia debates and simultaneously advance both causes for the Left.

                  The Left is opposed to the Death Penalty as a punishment for capital crime. They're for abortion and are headed for terminating children until the children are deemed persons by whatever criteria they have yet to reveal. They are against suicide. They seek the authority to euthanize persons who are either compliant to the euthanasia and for cases where the act of ending life is against the will of the the euthanized. In short, the American Left desires an exclusive & fluid authority to certify and de-certify personhood.

                  This is a fundamental counter argument to Natural Law. It is a Pearl Harbor moment upon our Founding Principles. Through legislation and court precedent, the Left is advancing a codification of the State ( the government ) as a replacement for God. It also follows then that the view of the US Constitution, by the American Left, as a living breathing document means that the Constitution can itself be evolved from a document that recognizes American Exceptionalism to a justification for enlightened tyranny.


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                    How do these Prick's, sleep soundly at night??? NO conscience at all!!!! PURE EVIL!!!!
                    And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgement was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands: and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. Rev. Chap.20 Vs.4)


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                      YA KNOW... some of those folks better be careful what they wish for...
                      otherwise they WILL APPEAR on someones list for post birth abortion and they will not like it.
                      AT one time I did... unbelievable things for this country without question, because it was my country and right. NOW, my country, that country, no longer exists and I now I feel I am the Philip Nolan of my age.
                      God carries a 1911.
                      Just another day towards 20...


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                        I was wrestling a butthead one time and finally got him under control with a double wrist lock behind his back. I used my knees to pin his elbows and had a hand back in each hand. Game over. I win. Then I leaned down and whispered in his ear. "Keep fighting me a$$hole and I'm gonna turn you into a Retroactive Abortion". He was quiet for a second and then said "Dats just wrong man. Yo is a mofo and a mean one too. Ok, I give up. I'll do whatever yo ax me to, yo mofo. Peese don't turn me into dat ting you said. On another occasion, a guy accused me of being his brother under the skin. I responded with "If we really were brothers, I'd have to slap the crap out of my mother for not making you an abortion". I got in trouble for that one. The Lieutenant threatened to call my Mother and tell her what I said.


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                          OK...NEW LAW...

                          ANYTIME in your life either of your PARENTS can call for a retroactive abortion up until you become eligible for Social Security.

                          Could you see the new world with that one.
                          No abused parents
                          no forgotten parents
                          no one taking the chance on bringing SHAME or embarrassment to their parents.

                          The only salvation would be a review board to decide whether or not it was justified.

                          So if you are a drug dealing gang banger you probably get "aborted".

                          If the parent becomes a parasite... Like a mom who demands you take food from the mouths of your kids so she can go to Florida for the 3rd time that year... you would be safe.
                          AT one time I did... unbelievable things for this country without question, because it was my country and right. NOW, my country, that country, no longer exists and I now I feel I am the Philip Nolan of my age.
                          God carries a 1911.
                          Just another day towards 20...