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  • Positions on the SC matter

    In 2017 Kavanaugh wrote an opinion that struck down laws implemented by the Obama Administration where the EPA had been weaponized against citizens and businesses alike. Appeals courts had been trying to undermine the limitations Kavanaugh noted. In his opinion the limitations on HFC's were against current federal law and the courts were out of bounds making law from the bench and trying to limit "Greenhouse Gases" without the science necessary to back up such a ruling.

    Kavanaugh's position on the Montrreal Protocol showed he follows the rule of law not creating law's to fit an agenda. Now that he is confirmed this will stand and the bully position of the EPA has been diminished.

    Score one for law and order.
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    He's gonna be a good one. And I hope he stays pissed, and uses the power of the US Constitution to bludgeon the leftist/socialists/communists that tried to derail his life and career.
    Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. - Samuel Johnson

    The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.


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      Reb, you donít think his anti 4th and 5th amendment stance will come back to bite us?
      God, Guns, and Guts made this country...let's keep all three