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    Ok the grandkids were watching the "Netflix" thingy that is built into the new TV and they were watching a "Netflix" original show called "Knights of Sidonia"

    Oh MY! those are not the cartoons I had seen in the 60's. The drawing is similar and no doubt the artists are talented but WOW how things have evolved since Astro-Boy or the Speed Racer series.

    So they were watching this in the Japanese language with English subtitles and of course I couldn't keep up, but then came a shower cut OOH what? A cartoon with nudes, nothing nasty but animated nudes really. They were laughing at me and I had to tell them those things were for mutoscope movies at thrill houses when I was young. (Penny per play) I had seen the Disney flip book animated movies when I was young and thought they were pretty cool.

    Anyway they restarted the series in English language and by golly the story line will grab you. I'm only on episode 2 "Oblivion" but there is some deep thought into this cartoon way more adult than any cartoon I have ever watched. Stunning graphics, interesting premise (Generational space ship with genetically engineered humans) some evil tentacle based monster. I liked the drawing kind of like sketch book but with added CGI it seems. I will have to see what comes of the series.

    The grandkids got me into that "Stranger Things" show, It seemed pretty good but I didn't like their season 2. All in all this Neffilx thing is worth the $8 subscription. I have some odd tastes in movies but this high brow stuff isn't half bad.
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    Dude are you like 100 ? Mutoscope tech hasn't existed since the 1920s
    seriously, stay away from Jap henti cartoons , I'm talking tenticle porn
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      Stay away from Japan-amation. Its very f-ked up and there is usually some kind of pedo undertones.

      Today's smart American cartoons are funny, friendly, and even adults can enjoy them.
      Gravity Falls
      The older version of Teen Titans Go.
      Adventures of Gumball

      For adults there are
      Rick and Morty

      People think its cartoons, they are for kids... NO the last 2 are for adults

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        Originally posted by ironlung View Post
        Dude are you like 100 ? Mutoscope tech hasn't existed since the 1920s
        seriously, stay away from Jap henti cartoons , I'm talking tenticle porn
        LOL no but I am old. At the fair there was always a nickelodeon tent with the Mutoscopes and it cost a penny to play them. They had kenetoscopes and "Thrilling" stuff to watch, sort of like a peep show that the adults let the kids go to. Last time I saw a setup like that was at the foot of pikes peak, I can't remember the year probably early 60's. I was just telling the grandkids how those things ran. (I didn't tell them we would slow down the crank when it came to the naughty stuff) Blurry and tame by todays standards.

        About the only animated thing I watched and got a kick out of was southpark on free TV, I gather there is lots of cussing but it's all beeped out but still funny content.
        Call me John, just an old man with opinions.