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Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

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    Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

    They were never banned. The reason you don't see them on store shelves as much as you used to see them is because the shipping fees are prohibitive. I was looking to buy some online a while back. The boxes of matches were cheap, but the Hazmat shipping for even one box was $27.

    You can still get the Diamond brand at some Walmarts, Krogers, etc. There are also a ton of places online like Amazon, etc. where you can order them. But if you don't buy bulk it isn't worth it due to the Hazmat fee.
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      Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

      Originally posted by Black Pete View Post
      Does anyone actually use wooden matches anymore when they have butain matches?
      Near every time I light a burner on my Propane stove in the kitchen I use a wood match. Sometimes I use the lighter I keep by the matches to get 2 or 3 lights off 'dead' matches I keep off to the side.

      The 5 gallon tank I run my stove with is on a 10 foot hose just 3 feet from the range top actual. I'm pretty cotton pickin' sure this setup is out of Code or just plain illegal. I've had this setup since 1995. I'm still here. Just one more item of proof that just because it's *Not Code* don't make it hazardous.

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        Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

        Just found that the old red/white head matches have not been made since 2010, new so called green heads have replaced them. From reviews they ain't worth buying.
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          Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

          IIRC, there used to be a tool that you could buy that would make the "shell" of a percussion cap from old aluminum cans, and you would use the stuff on the end of the strike anywhere matches as the ignition chemical in the cap.

          Some of the percussion firearms guys like to be as self-sufficient as possible, even to the extent of making their own black powder. (Perhaps a lesson to be learned there for all of us, considering what's coming.)
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            Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

            oh noes das terrorisms......


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              Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

              HA! HA! A kid down the block made a rocket and used stick match match heads as rocket fuel. it started to fly then blew up....burned his arm. Man you could hear him scream as his Dad beat his butt.
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                Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

                Just use Ferrocerium. Maybe that with Mg bars to make real fires.
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                  Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

                  Strike anywhere matches in a BB gun rifle.
                  Shoot at soft pines and it will stick in and light.
                  shoot at hard objects and will make a snap sound.

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                    Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

                    I still use wooden kitchen matches for lighting the bar-b-q and candles. I do have some real 'strike anywhere' matches in my survival kit stored in a waterproof container.
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                      Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

                      Old Man wrote
                      I remember my mom dropping a box of the strike anywhere matches while setting them on the grocery store counter back in the late fifties, POOF, the box just went up in a big cloud of flames and smoke when they hit the floor. Nobody thought much about it, the checkout girl just yelled for the stock boy to bring a mop and another box.
                      When I was growing up, my sister went in the kitchen one night, turned on the light and saw a big cockroach in the middle of the floor. She screamed and we all ran to the kitchen to find it full of smoke - she had thrown a box of kitchen matches at the cockroach and it went off! There was a big black spot on the floor in addition to the smoke. Never found out what happened to the cockroach! This was sometime in the '50s.