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A Place For New Members to Introduce Themselves
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Last Post: Hi from Canada
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Hi from Canada
If a moderator can't answer your question, this is the place.
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Last Post: Missing thread
64 338
Missing thread
by Harlock
Message Forum and server solutions - computer talk & assistance.
Topics: 444 Posts: 2,437
444 2,437
Burning to disc on Windows 10
Gun Talk
HKs, FN-FALs, and all the other goodies.
Topics: 560 Posts: 6,149
560 6,149
Worlds largest gun show
Tack drivers and big guns.
Topics: 1,199 Posts: 11,684
1,199 11,684
The world's most reliable rifles.
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1,083 9,105
Ammo Guy
WTB: Threaded AK barrel stub.
Know your sidearm.
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1,129 9,227
Multicaliber revolver
by Wayne
SMGs and Shotguns
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100 828
Reach out and touch someone.
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692 5,195
Hungarian Dragunov's
by Hawk45
Competition, Collecting, Shooting; M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M1903, M14, and .22
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435 1,995
Full auto, belt-fed, suppressed and other Big Boys Toys.
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704 4,303
Spikes Tactical M-79
All Military Bolt Action Rifles.
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1,182 7,573
I Might Get One of These
22LR to 22Mag Rifles.Black Powder Arms
Topics: 655 Posts: 3,316
655 3,316
Black Powder Pistols for Defense
by Wayne
Advice and tips on assembly and repair.
Topics: 804 Posts: 4,335
804 4,335
Break-in, sighting, reloading and accuracy tips from the pros.
Topics: 579 Posts: 4,107
579 4,107
Finally Had Enough.....
by Harlock
Commercial and Military Surplus Ammunition.
Topics: 765 Posts: 4,237
765 4,237
Banning "Rapid Fire Ammo"
For all you Ruger fans.
Topics: 303 Posts: 2,082
303 2,082
Southern Shark
Norinco 7.62x39mm M-14
Anything within the purpose of the Mission Statement and the Rules of Engagement that does not have a forum dedicated to it.
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59,130 394,682
A place to give your testimony and witness to others. All are welcome to partake in the blessings so long as you remain respectful of others.. No denominational bashings.
Topics: 702 Posts: 4,653
Last Post: War is a Racket
702 4,653
9th Company
War is a Racket
Share a Joke or Funny Picture:
Remember your Audience and Keep it tasteful.
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2,051 3,761
AW's own authors present their literary masterpieces
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205 985
Wolfophobia on Dog Island
by gripper
Got stuff to unload? Post it here. Transactions should be in accordance with Federal Laws as they apply. Buyers and Sellers assume all risks in any transaction. AssaultWeb cannot be responsible for transactions gone bad. CAVEAT EMPTOR applys here.
Topics: 382 Posts: 1,347
382 1,347
1937 Hex Receiver Mosin Nagant for sale
by danny
Dealing with medical concerns during unusual times.
Topics: 258 Posts: 1,586
Last Post: ZIP Stitch
258 1,586
ZIP Stitch
by Harlock
Techniques and skills for the Patriot.
Topics: 551 Posts: 5,648
Last Post: ANTIFA Play Book
551 5,648
ANTIFA Play Book
Gear up and load out with the pros.
Topics: 269 Posts: 1,725
269 1,725
9th Company
Boots are a survival item
From tactical to high-end comm.
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Last Post: My Green family.
297 1,570
My Green family.
by Wayne
Sharpen your skills.
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404 2,176
Hunting,Survival,and Self-Sufficiency topics.
Topics: 1,188 Posts: 6,600
Last Post: Heating fuel source
1,188 6,600
Heating fuel source
by Papadoc
International Chapters
News, Views and Opinions from the Confederacy.
Topics: 462 Posts: 1,778
Last Post: Lots Of Good Film
462 1,778
Lots Of Good Film
by Reb
Gun talk from down under.
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1,037 5,505
Topics: 15 Posts: 270
Last Post: Our 12Ga From Hell
15 270
Our 12Ga From Hell
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17 698
Belwolf Member - Killed in Iraq
by Guest
Topics: 13 Posts: 375
Last Post: Our 12Ga From Hell
13 375
Our 12Ga From Hell