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Reasonable Rascal
March 5th, 2004, 14:49
and the wounds they produce. By Dr. Martin L. Fackler


From the site:

To describe wounding patterns of the common military rifle bullets in use today, wound profiles will be used along with a description of the two characteristic wounds for each bullet. A simple abdominal wound, and an uncomplicated (didn't hit bone or large vessels) human thigh wound caused by each bullet will be described to demonstrate how the material presented as wound profiles can be put to practical use. This should give the combat surgeon some idea of what to expect. His descriptions of the wounds he actually treats, if they differ significantly from the expected pattern, might be the first indication of a change in enemy weapon or bullet type. Patterns of bullet fragmentation as seen on x-ray, or even the tissue disruption pattern as observed in the body, can be compared with the series of wound profiles to estimate the bullet type when the bullet has passed entirely through.