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Default Re: 68 Yr Old Former Marine Killed By Police

Originally Posted by kARL View Post
I could see them knocking on the door to see if the old Marine was ok, but why tasers and beanbags?
Why shoot ? If you are that much of a damn pussy that you, a whole squad of you, cannot take a kitchen knife from a old sick man than ..that dept needs to be replaced and Holder dam sure should pay them a visit....sometimes I think that Al and the Rev are right.

They might have thought there was an intruder in the house. But a lot of cops these days seem very on edge, and don't deal well with high-stress situations -- I remember a couple years back having to run outside to help get two of my neighbors' dogs back in their yard (there were five cruisers on scene, driving over lawn trying to corral the two dogs, and in some instances running around, tripping over one another like giggling kids, guns drawn.

I have no doubt they would have shot the dogs.

They seem very quick to kill.
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