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Default Re: 68 Yr Old Former Marine Killed By Police

I never would have done it that way in a million years, but I failed the psych eval to become a cop. Oh well, we know what the sides are at this point. Nobody in charge wants someone who is going to be making their own moral judgements and then committing themselves to those judgements. They just want machines who will act out policies and orders, with rule by terror.

My personal and apparently unqualified opinion is that if someone is not willing to accept some level of risk to do the job and de-escalate situations, they don't have any business doing it while wearing a badge under fairly high levels of legal protection. This whole "James Bond license to kill" thing for every single street level cop has got to end, or well, some cops got to end, either way is fine by me.

Sure, the old guy maybe "lost it" but come on, it does not take a whole major lot of special training to at least try to talk someone down then tackle them or pull a martial arts move. I have been held to a higher standard than that in the past and told my character was lacking, to the point that the only safe place for society was for me to spend my life in an isolation cell.

Now I see what breed of "society" the government was looking to protect and give free reign.
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

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